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High Efficient Chilled Water Cooling Air Handling Unit

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High Efficient Chilled Water Cooling Air Handling Unit

We supply central water cooled air conditioner,which with a wide range of application, suitable for shopping malls, hotels, factories, villas, commercial housing, offices, shops, hospitals and other places

High Efficient Chilled Water Cooling Air Handling Unit

1.Introduction of High Efficient Chilled Water Cooling Air Handling Unit

Water cooled air conditioner is a new type central air conditioning units, it is a essence of domestic and foreign products, the use of modern and science manufacturing, high quality control, beautiful appearance, the current products have two major categories (blowing straight-style and wind tube type), cooling capacity is from 25000W to 199400W, it can be widely used in electronics, food, theater, restaurants, other industrial and comfort spaces.

2.Parameters of High Efficient Chilled Water Cooling Air Handling Unit


High Efficient Chilled Water Cooling Air Handling Unit



Cooling Capacity (kw/h)


Cooling Tower Water Flow(m3/h)


Cold Air Volume( m3/h)




Temp Control Scope(℃)


Compressor Input Power(KW)


Power Supply






     2.Punp brand electronic board of micro computer
     3.LG Exchange the contactor, LG heat relay,Carlo Phase;

Protective Device:                    
     1.Phase protector
     2.Fan overload protector
     3.High/low voltage protector

3.Diagram of High Efficient Chilled Water Cooling Air Handling Unit

air cooler flow

water cooled air handling unit

4.Packaging & Shipping,Service

Wooden case or simple package by a container.    
Delivery time:
Standard chiller model lead time: 15-20 days
Customized chiller lead time: 25 - 40 days
By sea

Our service:
 1. Strong R & D team for chiller design and development;
 2. Customized product is welcome;
 3. Skilled workers and advanced manufacturing experience;
 4. Quick response and satisfaction to customers on each project;
 5. We adhere to philosophy of  “people orientation, customer first” always;
 6. We provide high quality, competitive price, 1year guarantee and technical support forever.

5.About Us  
Shen Zhen Anyda Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise
which was established in 2013,with the registered capital of 5 million yuan, covers an area of 8900 square meters, Anyda gradually grow up step by step.
Anyda is specialized in the research, production and trading of industrial refrigeration technology and facilities. We have gradually produced Industrial Chiller,Water Chiller,Air Cooler,Oil Chiller,Low Temperature Chillers,Hot Water Chiller, Heat Pumps and Central Air Conditioner which are widely applied to  plastic & rubber machinery, daily-use chemical, textile, general machinery, laser machinery, LCD and PCB industry, electroplating, equipments of laboratory, food, pharmacy, etc .  
Now we own almost one hundred staff and about five of them are engineers with 15years of chiller R & D and production management manufacturing experience which provide the best technical support to our customer.
We gained the certification of ISO9001:2008 and CE international quality management systems. We have exported to Russia,Uzbekistan,Kazakhstan,Saudi Arabia,Africa,Indonesia,Malaysia,Romania,Bulgaria,Australia,Palestine,SriLanka,Mexico,Amercia,Lebanon ,Lithuania and so on,which covered about USD2millions.We are looking forward to your suggestion, and are confident of becoming your choice!


1.Water chiller how it works?

Chiller has two circulation,one is process water circulation,the other is refrigerant
gas circulation.Heat picked up from the process.Heat transfers to refrigerant circulation.Heat is remove to air or water.

2.Heat load calculation for chiller?

Cooling Capacity(kw)= Flow Rate(m3/h)*Temp Change(T1-t2)/0.86
Heat Load= C(specific heat)* M(quality output per hour )*Temp Change(T1-T2)

3.Types of chiller system
Air Cooled Chiller and Water Cooled Chiller.Water cooled chiller needs a separated cooling tower and has a higher efficiency,but less easier than air cooled.

4.Chiller capacity unit?
 1 kcal/h = 1.163W,1 W = 0.8598 kcal/h;
 1 Btu/h = 0.2931W,1 W = 3.412 Btu/h;
 1 USRT  = 3.517 kW,1 kW = 0.28434 USRT;  
 1 kcal/h = 3.968 Btu/h,1 Btu/h = 0.252 kcal/h;
 1 USRT = 3024 kcal/h,10000 kcal/h = 3.3069 USRT;

5.Chiller maintenance?

Step 1: Keep Tubes Clean

Step 2: Ensure a Leak-free Unit

Step 3: Sustain Proper Water Treatment(prevent scale, corrosion)

Step 4: Analyze Oil and Refrigerant

ANYDA is well acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers of central water cooled air conditioner in China. All of the products for sale are made in our professional plant. Should you're interested in it, please be free to get the high-tech equipment with competitive price from us.

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