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Glycol Ice Water Cooling Milk Chiller

ANYDA is well acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers of glycol ice water cooling milk chiller in China. All of the products for sale are made in our professional plant. Should you're interested in it, please be free to get the high-tech equipment with competitive price from us. Glycol...
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ANYDA is well acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers of glycol ice water cooling milk chiller in China. All of the products for sale are made in our professional plant. Should you're interested in it, please be free to get the high-tech equipment with competitive price from us.

Glycol Chiller For Milk Cooling System Cooling Capacity Choose and Model Confirmed:

Customer reuqired:

Cool about 3.5 tons of milk per hour (inhomogeneity) from 37 degrees to 3 degrees.Milk  cooled from 37 degrees to 25 degrees by 20 degrees well water for pre-cooling, then cooled down to 3 degrees by chilled water from chiller,

1. pre cooling capacity calculation
C (4.2) * M (3500) * T (37-25)/t (3600) * S (1.3) =P 1(63.7KW)
The well water flow needed: 63.7 x 0.86 / (37-25) * 1.3 = 5.9m3/h.
There must be no less than 5.9m3/h, less than 20 degrees well water to do pre-cooling to ensure the first step to pre-cool milk.

2. second cooling capacity calculation:
C (4.2) * M (3500) * T (25-3), t (3600) * S (1.3) =P 2(117KW)

3. The cooling capacity of the 2nd milk cooling system is 117kw/h, using AYD-70WS water-cooled milk chiller unit, under the evaporatiing temperature is -5 degrees, the propylene glycol temperature is 0 degrees and the condensing temperature is +38degrees, the cooling capacity is 140kw/h.

4. the milk chiller unit designed for 2 independent systems;

5. pre-cooling hot water for the cows to drink and heat recovery of spplying water, known pre cooling recovery of hot water is 5.9m3/h, pre cooling heat recovery:
4.2 x 3500 x (37-25 / 3600=49KW
49 x 0.86 / 5.9=7 +20 DEG =27 degrees
According to this calculation, the pre cooling heat recovery is 49KW, the recovery of hot water is about 5.9m3/h, the water temperature is about 27 degrees celsius.

6,.the pre cooling water as a supplementary water (about 27 degrees Celsius), and then through the heat recovery unit
Hot water can be recovered about 45 degrees Celsius for boiler and cleaning use.
According to unit waste heat recovery 30% calculation, 117 * 0.3=35KW.
35 x 0.86 / (45-27) =1.67m3/h/H, there will be  about 1.67m3/h and 45 degrees hot water for boiler cleaning and use.


Water Cooled Milk Chiller Specifications

Cooling Capacity





Power Input



Outlet Temp 



Power Supply









semi-hermetic screw





Shell and Tubes

Pipe Size(DN)






Shell and Tubes

Pipe Size(DN)




Protector Device

1.Phase protector
2.Overload protector
3.High/low voltage protector
4.Coil overheat protector
5.Anti-freeze protector

Water Cooled Milk Chiller Working Principle Diagram:

Water Cooled Milk Chiller System Detailed Image:

glycol chiller.jpg

water cooling system.jpg

cooling system.jpg

Main Features

1. Glyocl chiller for milk cooling adopt the Hanbell brand semi-hermetic screw compressor, and operate credibility, high efficiency, easy to maintain, exact volume control, a wide range of application. The system adopts the latest asymmetric rotor profile. Build-in pressure drop lubricant to system with low vibrations, sound emissionshigh sealing performance.

2.Glycol chiller for milk cooling 's human machine interface configures a full touch screen, which enables automatic control and accurate monitoring. The advantages of unit: water-proof,dust-proof, corrosion resistant, long life. Step or stepless capacity control, the unit ensure that it bring into the most energy-saving effective in any load conditions.

3.Glycol chiller for milk cooling due to use heat copper tube and high efficiency compressor with high effective thermal expansion current-saving device, the unit will operate in stability, longer and effectively.

4.Glycol chiller for milk cooling adopts a reliable safety protection device: to prevent compressor starting frequently, over-current protection, overheat of motor protection, prevent freezing, sight glass in liquid, oil heating protection, phase protection, HV/LV protection, discharge high-temperature protection, safety value, soluble clock, water shut-off protection, and so on. 

Packing & Delivery



Some Customer List

1.Export to : Outer Mongolia

Time: 2011
Description: 5units of 36HP air cooled chiller,3units of 50HP air cooled chiller,0-2C glycol outlet temp required,for milk cooling.

2.Export to : Palestine
Time: 2012 and 2014
Description: 2sets of water cooled glycol chiller,with circulating pump and cooling tower.
For sprite cooling,from 25C to 2C.

3.Export to: Uzbekistan
Time: 2012
Description: Air cooled glycol chiller,-20C outlet,24hrs running.

4.Export to: Thailand
Time: 2013
Description: Air Cooled Brine Chiller,-34C brine outlet,for ice cream.

5.Export to: Saudi Arabia 
Time: 2014
Description: 4nits of air cooled glycol chiller,2-4C outlet,for a sweet manufactures.


1.Water chiller how it works?

   Chiller has two circulation,one is process water circulation,the other is refrigerant gas circulation.Heat picked up from the process.Heat transfers to refrigerant circulation.Heat is remove to air or water.

2.Water chiller cooling capacity calculation?

   Cooling Capacity(kw)= Flow Rate(m3/h)*Temp Change(T1-t2)/0.86

   Heat Load= C(specific heat)* M(quality output per hour )*Temp Change(T1-T2)

3.Types of chiller system?

   Air Cooled Chiller and Water Cooled Chiller.Water cooled chiller needs a separated cooling tower and has a higher efficiency,but less easier than air cooled.

4. What type of the chiller should I use ?

   It depend on the local environment temperature and water source. If lack of water and low ambient temp , we advise you use the air cooled chiller, if not , air cooled chiller is ok. But for installation,air cooled is more convenient than water cooled.

5. How to select the chiller ?

   It is better to tell us some parameter, such as : Cooling Capacity, Outlet Temperature, Power Supply,Environment Temperature, Application Field, Anti-rust Or Anti-corrosion, and so on.Meanwhile,we could do customized chiller according to your end user consumption.

6.Cooling capacity unit conversion?

1 kcal/h = 1.163W,1 W = 0.8598 kcal/h; 

1 Btu/h = 0.2931W,1 W = 3.412 Btu/h; 

1 USRT = 3.517 kW,1 kW = 0.28434 USRT; 

1 kcal/h = 3.968 Btu/h,1 Btu/h = 0.252 kcal/h; 

1 USRT = 3024 kcal/h,10000 kcal/h = 3.3069 USRT; 

10.Chiller maintenance?

Step 1: Keep Tubes Clean

Step 2: Ensure a Leak-free Unit

Step 3: Sustain Proper Water Treatment(prevent scale, corrosion)

Step 4: Analyze Oil and Refrigerant

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