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-10C Outlet Water Cooled Low Temperature Chiller For Chemical Extraction In Reactor

May 23, 2017

Low Temperature Chiller Used In Chemical Extraction In Reactor

A broad understanding of the reactor is the physical or chemical reaction of the container, through the design of the container structure and parameter configuration, to achieve the process of heating, evaporating, cooling and low speed mixing function.

The reactor is widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dye, medicine, food, pressure vessel to complete vulcanization, nitration, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation process, such as reactor, reaction pot, pot, decomposition polymerization kettle; material generally have carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, zirconium base (Harrington, Monel, Kang Ni) alloy and other composite materials.

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