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Advantages Of Industrial Chillers For Cascade Cryogenic Refrigeration Systems

Aug 03, 2020

Advantages of Industrial Chillers for Cascade Cryogenic Refrigeration Systems

      The cascade refrigeration system is a low-temperature refrigeration system that uses more than two refrigerants and combines them with heat exchangers (condensation evaporators) in more than two systems. For the dual cascade refrigeration system chiller, it consists of two separate refrigeration systems, one is a high temperature system and the other is a low temperature system. The low temperature system is used to cool the environmental laboratory, while the high temperature system is used to cool the exhaust gas from the low temperature system to condense at a lower temperature. This also achieves the purpose of reducing the compression ratio and increasing the gas transmission coefficient.

  The advantage of this cascade low-temperature refrigeration system industrial chiller is that it uses medium-pressure refrigerant suitable for high-temperature systems and high-pressure refrigerant suitable for low-temperature systems. Because the specific volume of the high-pressure refrigerant gas at low temperature is much smaller than that of the medium-pressure refrigerant, the capacity of the same type of compressor for cascade refrigeration is several times larger than that of two-stage compression refrigeration at low temperatures. Stacked refrigeration system chillers can save a lot of investment and construction area. Moreover, the suction pressure of high-pressure refrigerant at low temperature is greater than or close to one atmosphere, and it will not infiltrate air into the system as often as the two-stage low-temperature system.

   An engineer once used R13 as a low-temperature stage and R22 as a high-temperature stage binary cascade refrigeration system for comparison. With the same cooling capacity equipment investment, the two-stage compression refrigeration system chiller is more than three times the cascade refrigeration system chiller. The installed power of the electric motor, the two-stage compression refrigeration system is more than twice that of the cascade refrigeration system. Due to the large number of compressors in the two-stage refrigeration system and the increase in friction power, the energy consumption of the two-stage compressor is more than 1.5 times that of the cascade refrigeration system.

   In addition to the user's requirements, the temperature changes are many, and the ambient temperature is higher than -55 ℃ or higher. Industrial chillers of the cascade refrigeration system can be used. At present, there are more and more cold sources using cascade refrigeration systems as low-temperature experimental equipment.