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Air-cooled Chiller Daily Operation And Maintenance Precautions!

May 15, 2018

Air-cooled chiller daily operation and maintenance precautions!

The air-cooled chiller uses a fan to dissipate heat. Therefore, a fin condenser with high heat exchange performance is used in combination. The series of chillers use the principle of cooling and heat exchange for cooling, can quickly reduce temperature, temperature control and stability, and is not affected by environmental factors, is an indispensable configuration equipment in modern industry.


The air-cooled chiller must be properly maintained before use to ensure the normal operation of the unit and increase the service life of the unit. Especially in the daily operation and maintenance, the following issues should pay special attention:


1, always check the system water supply device is normal, is strictly prohibited system water shortage;


2. The finned heat exchangers of air-cooled chillers should be cleaned regularly to ensure the heat exchange effect;


3. There must be no high wall in front of the cooling fan of the air-cooled chiller, or the stacking object blocks the exhaust passage and affects the cooling effect;


4. Before the unit starts, it is necessary to warm up the compressor, and then turn on the power to make the host work, and do not frequently start and stop the switch button;


5. If the unit is not to be used for a long period of time, the water in the pipeline of the unit should be cleaned to prevent the temperature from falling and cracking the pipeline.


6, if the air-cooled chiller fails, it should promptly notify the chiller manufacturers to arrange professional and technical personnel to come to deal with, can not be disassembled or adjusted;