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Air Cooled Chiller VS Water Cooled Chiller

Apr 10, 2017

air cooled chiller VS water cooled chiller

In daily use, there are many kinds of refrigeration equipment, however, the scope of application is relatively wide, it can control the temperature in a specific range, and the cooling effect is stable, suitable for use in various industries. When the cold water machine is used in various industries, the cooling water is used to cool and cool the industry equipment. 

Air cooled chiller is through the refrigeration circulating cooling water cooling water machine to realize the refrigeration function, because with the fan and the air heat exchanger, the air-cooled chiller for cooling fan, also with the help of the dust net cooling components. Air cooled chillers can control the temperature at the same time stable performance, small footprint, easy to move, easy to operate. 

Air Cooled Chiller System Diagram:

air cooled chiller diagram

Water cooled chillers are cooled by circulating cooling water through the cooling system of the chiller. Water cooled chillers are affected by the environment is relatively small, but the enterprises need to have good quality of water for cooling, because with water tower, the chiller occupies a larger area, installation and maintenance workload. Here we will analyze the difference between the cold water chiller and the water-cooled chiller. 

Water Cooled Chiller System Diagram:

water cooled chiller diagram

The difference between air cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers: 

1. The initial investment of equipment is much higher than the efficiency of air exchange because of the heat transfer efficiency. Compared with the water-cooled condenser with the same heat exchange quantity, the wind condenser has the advantages of large volume, high cost and high cost. Water cooled chiller plus cooling water system equipment costs, the total cost is still to Binet cooling unit for low 15-20%. In addition, due to the nominal power of air-cooled units than the nominal power of water-cooled units, in the capacity of electricity, electrical equipment and other aspects of the cost is also higher. 

2. The heat transfer temperature difference of the condenser is 4. C-8. C, while the air-cooled chiller temperature difference is generally 8. C-15. C, in the outdoor environment temperature under the same temperature, cooling water than the outdoor air temperature is low, so the condensation temperature on the air-cooled unit than the normal operation of the water chiller condensing temperature is much more, so that the air-cooled unit cooling capacity in the same circumstances, the power consumption ratio of large water-cooled unit. 

3, the equipment room air cooled chiller is an outdoor machine, can be placed on the roof of the building or outdoor floor, the chilled water circulation pump can also be put together with the unit, do not need to occupy the room. The chiller should provide room, to ensure that equipment including chillers, chilled water pump, cooling water pump normal operation and service life, and cooling tower equipment in buildings or outdoor terrace on the roof. Thus, in the case of building can not provide room, the use of air-cooled chillers, should be a more feasible way. 

4, operating costs due to the operation of the water-cooled unit at a lower condensing temperature, high efficiency, the power consumption is small. In general, comparison of chiller and cooling units the same cooling capacity, water-cooled unit overall power consumption (including cooling water pump and cooling tower fan power consumption power consumption of air-cooled units) than about the amount of low 25%. 

5, maintenance and maintenance of water-cooled unit used by the shell and tube condenser in the dirt accumulation within a certain range has little effect on heat transfer efficiency, so the unit performance with smaller amplitude and decreased producing dirt, cleaning cycle longer, maintenance costs will be relatively low. The heat transfer efficiency of the fin condenser used in air-cooled unit is greatly affected by the accumulation of ash fouling. Due to the high operating pressure of air cooled unit, it is generally installed in the outdoor, the operating environment is relatively poor, in terms of maintenance and reliability are not as good as water-cooled chillers. 

The above is the difference between air cooled chillers and water cooled chillers. As can be seen from the above, air cooled chillers and water cooled chillers have their own characteristics, according to the different use of the environment, space, the required cooling capacity, as well as geographical factors such as comprehensive consideration to be selected