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Air-cooled Chillers Refrigeration Compressor Six Protection Devices

Jul 07, 2017

First, the internal thermostat (installed inside the compressor)

In order to prevent the air-cooled chiller hours without interruption, resulting in high-load compressor operation, the electromagnetic switch is bad, such as axle caused by over-current, or motor temperature caused by the motor burned and other failures, the compressor is equipped with internal Thermostat, it is installed in the three-phase motor on the neutral contact, the occurrence of abnormal, by cutting off the three-phase to protect the motor.

Second, the electromagnetic switch

Electromagnetic switch is to control the air-cooled chiller air-cooled chiller cooling compressor operation, stop for the purpose of the switch, the installation should be kept vertical, such as installation errors, to cause the node spring pressure changes, resulting in noise , Resulting in phase loss operation, for the internal equipped with a direct power protection of the compressor model, do not need to load the protector.

Third, reverse phase protection

Scroll compressor and piston compressor structure is different, can not be reversed due to air-cooled chiller three-phase power supply will cause reverse phase reversal of the compressor, so the need to install reverse-phase protection to prevent the cooling press The When the reverse phase protector is installed, the compressor can be operated in positive phase and not in reverse phase. And the occurrence of reverse phase, as long as the power of the two lines can be changed to positive phase.

Fourth, the exhaust temperature protection

In order to protect the compressor in the case of high-load operation or insufficient refrigerant, the air-cooled chiller system needs to be equipped with an exhaust temperature protection device with the exhaust temperature set to 130 ° C , This temperature value refers to the compressor exhaust pipe from the outlet.

Five, low voltage switch

In order to protect the air-cooled chiller compressor refrigerant is running, the need for low-voltage switch, set at 0.03mpa above, the compressor stops running. When the compressor is operated in the state of insufficient refrigerant, the temperature of the compressor part and the motor part will rise instantaneously. At this time, the low voltage switch can be damaged and the motor can not be protected by the internal temperature and exhaust temperature protector Burned for protection.

Six, high voltage switch

The compressor can be stopped when the high pressure is abnormally raised, and the operating pressure is set to the following.