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Analysis Of Noise In Air Cooled Chillers

May 22, 2017

When many users use air-cooled chillers, as a result of extensive testing at the beginning, there is usually no noise problem. But with a long time of use, and the user does not have the careful maintenance and so on, air-cooled chiller began to produce more noise, will cause a great impact on the surrounding environment, and even have a strong sense of ground vibration, people unable to conduct normal work. At this point, it needs to be dealt with in a timely manner, otherwise it will have a serious negative impact on both the equipment and the staff. Next, we will analyze the noise of air cooled chillers.

Let's first see what parts make the air-cooled chiller noise. Usually, the main sources of noise come from compressors and circulating pumps, and cooling fans. Because of the noise generated by the operation of such equipment, the change in noise size is mainly determined by the above types of equipment. In the presence of increased noise, users are required to conduct comprehensive testing of various internal components to ensure that the root causes of noise increases are dealt with quickly and effectively.

Air cooled chillers are usually used in the following way: anti noise isolation processing unit, a cooling water pump, chilled water pump, piping system; water chiller in the room or in the workshop to sound absorption and insulation treatment, should be put in place the exhaust unobstructed, avoid emissions back flow.

If air-cooled chillers are mechanically operating noise, the range and size of noise can be reduced by lubrication. If the internal parts of the fault caused by the cause, can be timely maintenance parts or replace the new interior parts, can get noise reduction maintenance effect.

If the noise caused by the water pump, then the great reason is the water quality problems, users need according to the use of air-cooled chillers, configuration of water quality treatment system. Only by ensuring that the water meets the minimum standards of the air-cooled chiller can the safe operation of the pump be ensured, so as to avoid the excessive noise caused by the overload operation of the pump.

Air cooled axial fan noise due to different wings and different and different speed, with six pole motor motor octupole low noise ratio. The design should be flexibly chosen according to the surrounding conditions and noise requirements, so as to make the economy reasonable. In order to reduce noise and vibration, the air cooling unit and the water pump are all vibration damping foundations, and the soft water inlet and outlet of the chiller and the cold water pump are all provided with an air wall, and the air cooled water chiller is provided with an anechoic wall.

The method of judging the noise sources of air cooled chillers is relatively simple, mainly because the equipment structure is relatively simple and compact. When the equipment is noisy, it can be simply distinguished and judged according to the type of noise. After the source of noise is found, it needs to be dealt with in a timely and effective way, so as to improve the use efficiency of air-cooled chiller, avoid the influence of noise, and cause various troubles of air-cooled chillers.