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Attention For Industrial Chiller Compressor Piping

May 22, 2017

No matter it is water chiller manufacturers, or the water chiller users, who are well aware of the compressor is the most important component of industrial chillers, therefore no matter in the installation or use of the process, should pay special attention to the observation of various performance parameters change of the unit, so as to find the problem and solve the problem.

For example, in the compressor installation process, its improper piping will cause compressor noise or abnormal vibration, damage compressor. In order to prevent such a situation, the following points need to be noted:

1.After installing the welding pipe of the compressor, the whole system of the water chiller should be kept clean, and other impurities, such as welding slag, can not be left inside the system, resulting in serious failures in the operation of the compressor.

2. When the water cooler is running, it will inevitably vibrate. In order to reduce the vibration of the pipe, it is suggested that the copper pipe be used as the suction and exhaust pipe. Thus, in the normal operation of the compressor, the copper pipe in the pipeline can reduce vibration. If the pipe in the system needs to be filled with steel pipe, proper welding technique is very important to avoid the stress in the piping system. These internal stresses cause resonance and noise, which will reduce the service life of the compressor.

3, after completion of welding should be promptly removed due to oxidation of impurities and debris of pipe welding in the pipeline, if these impurities entering the compressor may cause oil filter blockage, the lubrication system, the capacity control system failure.

4. If the material of the suction and exhaust flanges of the compressor is cast steel, it can be welded directly to the pipe. It should be cooled in the atmosphere after welding and shall not be cooled by water.

Compressors are the heart of the refrigeration system in the industrial chiller industry. It is of low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas suction pipe from the suction, through the operation of the motor drives the piston to compress it after high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas discharge pipe to the exhaust, to provide power for the refrigeration cycle, so as to realize the compression refrigeration cycle and condensation and expansion - evaporation endothermic.