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Causes And Reduction Measures Of Noise In Round Cooling Tower

Sep 20, 2017

Causes and Reduction Measures of Noise in Round Cooling Tower

First, the noise of the circular cooling tower is mainly caused by the fan and the water:

1, round cooling tower fan noise: fan motor power, the greater the fan noise is generally greater. Fan noise for low-frequency noise, penetrating power, not easy to decay. Tower and cross-flow tower with the same power of the fan noise quite. Of course there are also low-noise circular cooling towers.

2, round cooling tower falling into the water noise: round cooling tower structure caused by the formation of water from the filler to the water level of the water tray. Water noise is high frequency noise, decay fast. The packing of the cross flow column is very close to the water collecting pan and the noise is very small. Tower for the circular structure, cross-flow tower for the square structure, it will cause the circular cooling tower relative to the noise.

Second, the circular cooling tower noise reduction measures which:

1, round the rational distribution of cooling towers

Reasonable layout is to achieve functional partition, static and dynamic separation. Round cooling tower due to the large noise source, should be arranged in the production area or the active area of the lower noise requirements of the region. To avoid the distance from the office, dormitory, residential areas and other noise-sensitive buildings too close, affecting the work of workers and residents. Round cooling tower between the different functional areas set the noise protection distance, the higher the ambient noise area near the noise source side of the noise requirements of the relatively low construction or room.

2, round cooling tower foundation vibration

Mainly to isolate the vibration of equipment to reduce the impact of equipment vibration on the structure.

3, circular cooling tower noise

Under the conditions of the exchange coefficient, in the round cooling tower outside the installation of sound insulation facilities round cooling tower cover, under normal circumstances, the sound insulation measures can achieve the effect of 156.

4, circular cooling tower control transmission

When the sound waves encounter obstacles, there will be reflection, diffraction and other phenomena, reducing the outside by the body to accept the sound energy. You can use natural bunkers, or set the sound barrier, green belt and other mitigation effects.

Third, the application of circular cooling tower:

(1) metallurgical machinery, petrochemical, silicate industry

(2) iron ore blast furnace soft water closed circuit;

(3) the cooling water system of the furnace, the mold and the like of the steelmaking plant;

(4) rolling mill, coking plant cooling water system;

(5) blower, motor, rolling mill and other equipment cooling water system;

(6) medium frequency induction furnace, medium and high frequency power supply and electric control, melting furnace, heat furnace, quenching furnace, vacuum furnace, induction heating furnace cooling water system;

(7) machine processing equipment, oil cooling and abrasive cooling; air compressor cylinder cooling round cooling tower.

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