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Chilled Water Flow Measurement Skills

Dec 20, 2017

Chilled Water Flow Measurement Skills

1, ice machine backwater temperature and water temperature detection (unit to be normal)

30 minutes after the start of the unit through the control system parameters of access to the system or chiller water system out of water thermometer, the unit can be read out when running water temperature, water temperature, the difference between the need to ensure that about 4-6 degrees, if the access Water temperature is too large, it means that water flow through the plate-type water system is too small, which may result in the normal operation of the unit can not be damaged.

2, the unit inlet and outlet water pressure test

Through the backwater pressure and the water pressure value of the test, and then check the random instructions in the unit to check the freezer in the water pressure difference between the water flow is how much, by referring to instructions in the unit of the water flow table or map, So as to determine whether the water system is normal; and through this difference to determine which section of the water pipeline resistance value is too large, and make the appropriate rectification programs and actions.

3, compressor brass suction temperature detection (only detected during cooling operation

If the compressor suction temperature is detected to be less than 0 ° C after the chiller is turned on for 30 minutes, the water flow in the water side heat exchanger is not sufficient to cause the evaporation temperature and the evaporation pressure to drop, Flow to the compressor suction pipe is still evaporating heat, will lead to compressor suction temperature below 0 degrees; also need to rule out the water temperature set point is too low and lead to the evaporation pressure evaporation temperature drop; rather than Standard low water temperature unit as long as the compressor to ensure that there is 6 ~ 8 ℃ inspiratory superheat can be considered normal. Therefore, the normal water flow, the compressor suction temperature will generally be greater than 0 ℃, below this value to be ruled out water system problems.

4, the pump running current detection

By detecting the chiller water pump running current, compared with the rated current, you can determine the actual water flow than the pump rated water flow is large or small, with several parameters in front of comprehensive judgment, in order to come to an accurate water system testing and analysis Judgment report.