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Classification And Application Of Water-cooled Screw Chillers

May 07, 2018

Classification and Application of Water-cooled Screw Chillers

As far as the cooling effect is concerned, the water-cooled screw chiller is equipped with a cooling tower, a water pump, and a double-layer stainless steel heat preservation water tank. The unit is stable in operation, with strong heat dissipation and better cooling effect. The air-cooled screw chiller uses fans to dissipate heat. It has high requirements for the use of the environment. In the process of the fan, there will be noise. If the engine room can be set up separately, it is better. It is suitable for areas with poor water resources or lack of water.


In terms of chiller prices, the price of water-cooled screw chillers is much cheaper than air-cooled screw chillers. With the price of auxiliary equipment, water-cooled screw chillers still have an advantage. In addition, regardless of the screw type chiller, it must be equipped with a water pump and a double-layered stainless steel heat preservation tank when it is installed.


If classified according to the scope of cooling, it is divided into three series of high, medium and low temperature water supply units. The standard screw type chiller can provide 35°C to 3°C chilled water, the medium temperature screw chiller can provide 0°C to -45°C medium temperature chilled water, and the low temperature screw chiller can provide -45°C to -110°C Low-temperature frozen water.


1. Standard screw type chiller: It can provide 3~35°C chilled water, or use ethylene glycol solution as a refrigerant, and can provide -5~+5°C process frozen water solution, which can be used as ice storage, low temperature air supply, Central air-conditioning and other production processes require the cold source of the process. At the same time, according to the user's requirements, the unit can be specially designed to provide a screw-type chiller with a large temperature difference.


2, medium temperature screw chiller: water temperature -5 °C ~ -45 °C, the use of imported semi-hermetic screw compressor (with economizer); can provide -5 °C ~ -45 °C low temperature glycol solution or saline solution. It can be used as a cold source for chemical, pharmaceutical, cold storage, ice rink and other processes.


3, low temperature screw chiller: water temperature is -45 °C ~ -110 °C, can provide -45 °C ~ -110 °C alcohol or calcium chloride aqueous solution frozen water. The binary cascade or triple cascade screw refrigeration system is adopted, with high energy efficiency ratio and stable operation.