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Cleaning Air Cooler Cleaning

Jan 16, 2017

In response to the requirements of the national society, environmental protection and conservation is more important. So in order to extend the life of the product, it is necessary to have some knowledge maintenance, and maintenance of the most important was said to be a clean, small series to introduce here some tips about clean air cooler:

More traditional methods with scraper and brush. Will need to be cleaner and a brush, not easy to brush off the dirt can use mighty scrape scrape. Second is using water or use chemical cleaning (mainly pickled), just where there is dirt, water or chemical water, chemical reactions, make it dirt fall off.

But more traditional methods these are not cleaned very thoroughly, and chemical water cleaning may cause corrosion to equipment, damage to the machine. After residues of chemical water cleaning waste water, will have to spend a lot of money for processing. You can use cleaning agents, this relative to environmental protection, safety, cleaning, thoroughly, and generally will not oxidize, is good for the life of air cooler.