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Common Physical And Chemical Scale Removal Methods For Condensers In Chillers

Mar 19, 2018

Common physical and chemical scale removal methods for condensers in chillers

After the chiller is used for a long time, it is easy for the condenser pipe to form scales. If the chiller is not processed in time, these scales will affect the heat transfer effect, resulting in an increase in the condensing temperature of the unit, resulting in reduced cooling capacity and increased power consumption of the unit. . Therefore, condensers for industrial chillers should often be cleaned of scale. What are the methods for removing scale from the condenser in the ice water machine?

First, chemical cleaning method:

Chemical cleaning is mainly used for cleaning with a cleaning solution. First, it is cleaned with an acid solution, then neutralized with an alkali solution, and finally rinsed with water to flush the acid and alkali solution.

1. A circulation pump and pipeline can be connected between the cleaning liquid storage tank and the condenser to form a closed loop so that the cleaning liquid can be continuously circulated for 12-24 hours so that the sediment can be dissolved and dropped off.

2. The cleaning fluid can be added to the cooling water system in a certain proportion. The cooling pump is turned on for 12-24 hours, and the sediment layer is constantly dissolved and detached by the chemical action and scouring action of the cleaning liquid. However, this method requires a large amount of liquid medicine and high cost.

3, the cleaning liquid according to a certain ratio of good, add the condenser to stand for 5-10 hours, so that the sediment softened, dissolved, drained cleaning fluid, washed with water.

The advantage of chemical cleaning is that the descaling is thorough and reduces the workload of the workers. The disadvantage is that the cleaning solution may cause corrosion to the condenser copper tubes. The problem of waste discharge after cleaning is that the cleaning solution is expensive.  Noted that chemical cleaning must pay attention to the proportion of the solution, cycle, soaking time, to prevent the condenser from corrosion.

Second, the physical cleaning method:

Physical cleaning is mainly performed with a soft shaft brush. The flexible shaft is driven by the motor of the washing machine. The front of the flexible shaft has a nylon brush. When it is in use, the flexible shaft and the brush extend into the copper tube of the condenser, and the brush is used to clear the copper tube by rotating the brush at a high speed. Dirt, finally rinsed with water, this machine is called the gun machine.

The advantage of physical cleaning is that it eliminates the cost of chemical cleaning fluid, avoids the problem of waste liquid treatment after chemical cleaning, and does not easily cause corrosion of the condenser copper tube. The disadvantage is that the cleaning effect is not strong for the hard-scale and corrosion products with strong adhesion. Well, and the cleaning operation is time consuming and laborious.

Condenser If excessive scale appears, it is recommended to use a combination of chemical cleaning and physical cleaning. The condenser is first soaked with the cleaning solution, and after the scale is softened, the physical cleaning method is used for descaling.