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Considerations For High Temperature Heat Conduction Oil Stove

Jan 16, 2017

Oil furnace with high temperature thermal conductivity in used oil considerations

The grade of a, according to the oil and using a thermal process requirements, the correct choice of various grades of high temperature heat-conducting oil, and in strict compliance with the organic heat carrier furnace safety supervision regulation provisions, correct use of heat-conducting oil.

Second, in use should be carefully checked, prevent, acid, alkali and low boiling point of water leak into the system, and install filters to prevent mechanical debris into the system to ensure purity of oil.

Third, conducting oil suitable for coal-fired, gas, fuel oil furnace carrier heating equipment such as electric heating reaction Kettle when in use, should be expanded and oil storage tanks and other safety components and temperature controller and other facilities to ensure safe operation.

Four, heat conduction oil in use, start the circulation pump running before you start running half an hour later, firing up again, should slow to heat up when used for the first time about an hour or 20 ℃, when the temperature rose to about 130 ℃, and insulation for some time, when the temperature rose to 180 ℃ to 200℃, and insulation for some time before they can put into normal use.

After six months, the five, high-temperature heat-conducting oil, an oil analysis should be carried out.

Six, running it is strictly prohibited to overheat, normal service life ensure heat-conducting oil.