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Cooling Water Tower Of Open Circuit And Closed Circuit

Sep 07, 2017

What is Open Circuit and Closed Circuit Cooling Water Tower?

Open type cooling tower, heat from the hot water make the heat exchange with air directly on the surface of the filler, the principle is heat from the hot water into the upper part of the cooling tower, by gravity, through the water hole evenly sprayed in the filler Surface, at the same time, the air from the cooling tower on both sides of the inlet grille into the cross swept packing, and spray water to form a cross flow, a small part of the water is evaporated, thus taking away heat and reduce water temperature. The hot and humid air is drained from the top ventilator to the surrounding atmosphere, and the cooled water falls back to the pan and returns to the heat source.

open circuit cooling tower.jpg

Closed cooling tower, hot water out of the hot source in the closed cycle device, through the coil wall and air and spray water for heat exchange, is cooled and then sent to the heat source, recycling. As the cooling water placed in the closed device, will not be lost, you can save water. Closed cooling tower is divided into three types: countercurrent closed cooling tower, cross-flow closed cooling tower, mixed flow closed cooling tower.

closed circuit cooling tower.jpg