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Cooling Tower Maitenance

Oct 11, 2017

In order to make the chiller get more efficient cooling effect, more stable operation, and to make the cooling tower can be safe and normal use as long as possible, not only to do the basis of inspection work and cleaning work, but also need to do the following Maintenance work.

1, the cooling tower is equipped with water-cooled chiller, for the use of belt cooling device cooling tower, every two weeks to check the tension of a belt, inappropriate to be adjusted; if a few belt tightness will have a full set Replacement; if the cooling tower does not run for a long time, it is best to remove the belt to save.

2, if the cooling tower is the use of gear reducer, then every month to check the gear box in a gear; oil is not enough to add in place; In addition, the cooling tower every six months to run to check the oil color and Viscosity, fail to meet the requirements must be replaced; when the cooling tower accumulated for 5000h, regardless of oil conditions, the gear box must be thoroughly cleaned and replace the oil, to ensure that the cooling tower can provide a continuous cooling chiller cooling water.

3, the cooling tower fan motor is long-term work in the hot and humid environment, in order to ensure its insulation performance, no motor burn accident, must be done once a year motor insulation test; if not meet the requirements, not only affect the cooling tower, more direct impact To the water-cooled chiller can not work properly, so to promptly deal with or replace the motor.

4, we must pay attention to check whether the filler is damaged, if any, to repair or replace.

5, fan system All bearing grease is generally changed once a year.

6, when the use of chemical agents for water treatment, we should pay attention to the corrosion of the fan blades; in order to slow down the corrosion, the annual removal of a leaf on the corrosive material, even brushing anti-rust paint, or then brush a layer of 0.2mm thick Of the epoxy resin.

7, in the winter, part of the water-cooled chiller is not used, the matching cooling tower will be shut down during this period may be due to snow and fan blades deformation, then you can take two ways to avoid: one is a stop After the blade rotation to the angle perpendicular to the ground fixed; one is to remove the leaves or even with the hub into the room to save.

8, in the winter cooling tower to stop using, there may be frozen phenomenon, to talk about the cooling tower water and outdoor part of the cooling water system in the water all the light, so as not to freeze the equipment and pipes.