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Days Becoming Cooler, Cooler Care And Maintenance

Jan 16, 2017

Works due to cooler, cooler less frequent use during the winter period, almost no. In cold weather, cooler maintenance is essential. Below about how maintenance of cooler in the winter.

1, remove scale, open pipe. Clear cooler internal scale, to prevent scale build-up too many blocked pipes, where scaling to close discharge valve, can lead to water is not clean.

2, check the body parts of the cooling system, ensure the complete intact; to be surface cleaned, check for loose fasteners.

3, cooler when stopped in a long time, in order to prevent water from freezing, in the water at the end, put clean so far.

4, under extremely cold temperatures, cooler winterization is needed, add antifreeze. The cooler should be thoroughly cleaned before being used, there are two commonly used antifreeze, one is synthesized from ethylene glycol and distilled water for industrial use and the other is alcohol and water. Because antifreeze thermal expansion coefficient is greater than water, to prevent spills after antifreeze thermal expansion, raise less antifreeze than the cooler volume of the tune.