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Difference Between Air Conditioning Of Refrigerant System,Water System And Air Duct System

Sep 13, 2017

Difference Between Air Conditioning of Refrigerant System,Water System and Air Duct System

Air Conditioning Refrigerant System

Refrigerant system: outdoor unit through the refrigerant tube (usually brass) and more than one indoor unit connected to each room of the machine are refrigerant and air direct heat transfer. The outdoor unit compresses the refrigerant, and then the refrigerant is conveyed to the indoor unit through the copper pipe, and the refrigerant is exchanged with the indoor air at the indoor unit.


1, the use of comfort, temperature fluctuations, in particular, is not easy to change the frequency of air conditioning disease.

2, each room can be a separate control, compared to other units can save about 30%.

3, heat transfer efficiency, high energy efficiency, and only refrigerant and air conditioning heat transfer, more direct.

4, no leakage hazards, all copper connection, no water exists.

5, low operating noise, easy system maintenance.


Early investment is higher - as high as other systems 20% -30%.

Air Conditioning Water System

Water system: outdoor unit is generally known as hot and cold water units, indoor unit is generally known as fan coil, through the water pipe connection. Outdoor unit compression refrigerant, refrigerant and then heat exchange, produce cold / hot water, water pump will be sent to each indoor unit, indoor air and water heat transfer to achieve the purpose of temperature regulation.


1, high temperature control accuracy, constant temperature, no hot and cold phenomenon, good comfort.

2, running low noise, but also your comfortable and quiet environment.

3, easy to coordinate with the interior, with, reflecting the elegant style.

4, the local operating costs are low, even if only one room to use, because the water temperature control switch, downtime for a long time, will not waste energy.


1, the water system installation, high insulation requirements, to be professional team operation, to prevent leakage problems

2, the choice of water pipe material requirements.

3, the latter part of the maintenance of trouble, more auxiliary parts, system failure rate increase, if not timely maintenance, heat transfer efficiency, operating costs greatly increased.

chiller+air handlling unit.jpg

Water system home central air conditioning is actually a large central air-conditioning micro-version, the use of more comfortable, but the need for routine maintenance, the family can not like a special occasion to send people to maintain air conditioning system.

Air Conditioning Duct System

Duct system: The outdoor unit is connected with a duct-type indoor unit through a refrigerant pipe. The air duct is used to treat the indoor air, and then the treated air is sent into each room through the duct.


Compared to other small household central air conditioning type, the early investment of duct system is smaller. Fresh air system makes air quality improved and human comfort is improved.


noise, the family is easy to produce irritable feeling, operating costs, ducts occupy a large space.

Duct system originated in the United States, applicable to all space with all open, no difference in temperature requirements of the space.