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Drying Filter Inside Chiller

Dec 11, 2017

Drying Filter inside Chiller

Drying filter in the refrigeration system has two functions: First, the absorption of the system of foreign substances (such as water and acid); Second, filter system impurities (such as welding slag, iron filings, etc.).

Molecular sieves and activated alumina are the two most commonly used dry adsorbents for filters today.

Molecular sieve main function is to absorb water within the system (water has led to the system blocking ice, lubricating oil emulsification of copper and other hazards). Molecular sieve is the crystalline sodium aluminosilicate (commonly known as: zeolite), which has a cubic 111111 crystal structure, according to the size and polarity of the different molecules to selectively adsorbed (commonly used molecular sieve size of 3A), due to water The molecular radius is smaller than that of the refrigerant or lubricating oil and the molecular diameter is 3A, so that the water molecules are selectively absorbed.

Activated alumina mainly absorbs acidic substances in the system (acids can corrode metal and can also damage the refrigerant and promote harmful chemical reactions), which is generated by the activation of alumina. Activated alumina also has a strong function of absorbing moisture, However, the principle and function of the reactive reaction of the activated alumina with the acidic substances in the system and its absorption are mainly applied here (alumina and acid react to form neutral salt and water, and the salt is filtered by the filter and the moisture is absorbed).

Filtration function generally through the filter / filter to achieve the cooling system of filtration, filter / filter cotton can filter out and collect system solid impurities. Today's filter / filter cotton commonly used material is polyester fiber (also use glass fiber or hard glass fiber material), Castel filter mesh filter capacity of more than 25μm above the solid particles ① too small micro-separation will not cause the system Big harm ② If the filter capacity to further improve the filter easy to plug, increase pressure drop led to the liquid pipeline refrigerant flash. 

① system asperator instructions system moisture content is too high (as the mirror color turns yellow).

② pressure drop within the filter is too high (filter rearview mirror have bubbles or filters before and after the obvious temperature drop).

③ refrigeration system for maintenance (replacement of expansion valves or compressors and other components).

Dry filter usage precautions

Note 1: When replacing, please do not reuse the used dry filter.

Note 2: Please be sure to use a wet wipe when welding the filter package, to avoid internal polyester fiber damage due to high temperature filtering function.

Note 3: When installing the filter, please pay attention to the direction of the specified fluid on the nameplate, the filter body can be installed in any direction without affecting the performance of the filter.