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Explosion-proof Low Temp Chiller Used For Gas And Oil Recovery System

Apr 07, 2017

      Oil and gas recovery is a high-tech energy saving and environmental protection, the use of oil and gas recovery technology in oil storage and transportation, loading and unloading of emissions in the process of oil and gas, to prevent air pollution caused by volatile oil and gas, to eliminate potential safety problems, by improving the utilization of energy, reduce economic losses, resulting in considerable returns. At present, there are some common methods such as adsorption, absorption, condensation and membrane separation.

      The function of oil and gas recovery system is to realize the full closed gas recovery in the process of loading and unloading, and limit the discharge of oil and gas into the atmosphere. The utility model is characterized in that the oil pipeline and the oil gas recovery pipe of the oil tank car and the oil storage tank are connected into a sealed oil gas recovery pipeline. At the same time, the oil and gas in the oil tank of the gas station return to the oil tank through the gas return pipeline. Tanker will be returned to the oil depot to deal with oil and gas recovery. The volatile oil input and dissipation when the liquid level fluctuation and increase oil and gas, so the oil pipe must be below the depth of oil, to reduce the level of disturbance. Oil and gas recovery tube opening device is special open function equipment, oil and gas recovery pipeline when the tanker is correctly connected to the oil tank, the recovery will open at the same time, eloquence, the exhaust pipe is closed, so that the oil tank of oil and gas can be completely recovered by export back to the oil tanker.

      Oil and gas recovery system consists of three parts: the bottom of a tank quick connector and cap, manual or pneumatic valve, elbow, seamless steel pipe seamless steel pipe; through the bottom of the tank and the top, or the external pipe connection system; bend at the top of the tank, manual or pneumatic valve, hose, parallel main pipe, back into the tank the body of elbow.

       Here we talk about condensation method:

       The heat transfer of oil and gas from the gas phase to the liquid phase is achieved by the use of refrigeration technology. Condensation method is the use of hydrocarbon substances at different temperatures of the vapor pressure difference, through the cooling of oil and gas to make some of the hydrocarbon vapor pressure over saturation state, supersaturated steam condensed into liquid, recovery of oil and gas. General multistage continuous cooling method to reduce oil and gas temperature, the condensed liquid recovery, according to the volatile gas components and recovery requirements and finally discharged to the concentration of organic compounds in the atmosphere in the exhaust limits, to determine the minimum temperature of the condensing unit. Generally according to pre cooling, mechanical refrigeration and other steps to achieve. The pre cooler is a single-stage cooling device, in order to reduce the operation energy recovery device, has developed a cold recycling technology, so that the inlet gas temperature recovery device from ambient temperature dropped to 4 degrees Celsius, make the most of water vapor in the gas condenses into water and remove. The gas enters the shallow cooling stage from the pre cooler. The temperature of the gas can be cooled to 30 DEG C - 50 DEG C, and the hydrocarbon material in the oil and gas can be recovered according to the requirement. The oil and gas from the shallow cold can enter into the cryogenic stage, and can be cooled to 73 DEG C to - 110 DEG C.


Advantages: simple process, the most significant economic benefits;

It can be seen that the liquid recovery oil;

High safety;

High level of automation.

Disadvantages: large upfront investment. Refrigeration energy consumption is high, the need for at least two condenser switch work, to advance the cooling!

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