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Five Key Points When Central Air Conditioning Installed

Oct 10, 2017

Five key points when central air conditioning installed

1, refrigerant copper tube:

Central air conditioning operation of the refrigerant directly determine the use of results, so the quality of refrigerant brass is essential. The traditional R22 refrigerant (Freon) tube pressure is generally about 20 kg, while the R410 new refrigerant, the tube pressure reached 36 kg. So the use of new refrigerant central air conditioning need to choose a more high quality refrigerant copper tube.

With the extrusion process to produce brass (commonly known as extrusion pipe), this pipe wall thickness uniform, can withstand higher pressure. Another common brass in the market is the use of stretch production (commonly known as stretch tube) is easy to wall thickness uneven, which the safety of the refrigerant system buried hidden.

2, brass insulation:

Refrigerant operation directly determine the use of results, brass insulation can not be ignored.

3, condensate pipes:

Condensate pipes are hidden in the ceiling and will eventually be closed. Although the quality of good or bad Although it will not use the effect of marketing air conditioning, but once the leakage, the consequences are very serious, must be removed by some or all of the ceiling and even knock on the floor to build the floor (brick) to repair.

4, air outlet:

Small parts are often overlooked by many consumers, but this part affects the use of feelings.

Common outlet has two kinds of materials: one is ABS outlet, the other is aluminum alloy outlet.

Two kinds of outlet have their own advantages and disadvantages. ABS outlet, the use of ABS engineering materials, not easy to condensation. But the material has a certain thermal expansion and contraction coefficient, so the use of the process may be issued squeaky, low temperatures in winter temperatures may also produce a slight arches. After a long time the use of the outlet will turn yellow, not easy to clean.

Aluminum alloy outlet, the advantage is not easy to deformation, it is not easy to change color. However, due to the heat transfer rate of aluminum alloy is very fast, so in the summer use process, easy to condensation. Serious water droplets will be produced.

Two kinds of outlet have their own characteristics, we can choose according to their own needs.

5, the signal line:

Signal lines are not expensive, generally with a shielded signal line. This piece we can be more at ease.