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Five Requirements Of Industrial Chillers For Antifreeze

Mar 02, 2021

The first question at the beginning: Why does the chiller need to be antifreeze work?

   Severe cold weather in winter will cause icing inside the circulating cooling water pipe of the chiller, and icing will increase the internal volume, causing the pipe to rupture and deform, resulting in water leakage and refrigerant leakage.

   So for the chiller, antifreeze work must be done.

  The addition of antifreeze is the key measure for the antifreeze of the chiller.

   Many industry customers are not clear about the choice of antifreeze for the chiller. Below, Anyida will give you a basic introduction, because the choice of an inappropriate antifreeze for the chiller will also cause corrosion and damage to the internal pipelines of the equipment.

The requirements of the chiller for the performance of antifreeze are as follows:

   1. Stable chemical properties

  2, good antifreeze performance

  3, low temperature viscosity is not too big

  4, corrosion resistance and rust resistance

  5, no swelling and corrosive performance to rubber sealed conduit

   The advantages and disadvantages of general antifreeze on the market:

  In China, we usually use a lot of antifreeze, which are ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. According to the requirements of the ambient temperature, different proportions of antifreeze can be prepared.

water cooled chiller

Attention should be paid to the following 3 points when using antifreeze in the chiller:

  1. Low-concentration deployment of antifreeze

The antifreeze components are ethylene glycol and propylene glycol, and the concentration exceeds 30%, which may cause the performance of the chiller to decline, and there is a potential risk of failure for the stainless steel pump motor. Therefore, when the antifreeze requirements are met, the lower the concentration of the antifreeze, the better ,

   2. Not easy to use for a long time

   Antifreeze also has a lifespan, it will deteriorate over time, corrosiveness and viscosity will change, which will affect the performance of the chiller. Use tap water or purified water for cooling in summer, add antifreeze in winter, and replace the cooling water in summer next year.

  3, different brands of antifreeze can not be mixed

  Can not use different brands of antifreeze mixed, because it is easy to cause chemical changes after mixing different antifreeze, precipitation or bubbles appear, affecting the performance of the antifreeze, the reason is that the main components and additive formulas of different antifreeze are different. Therefore, antifreeze can not be mixed.

   solves the problem of antifreeze, the following Kadley provides friends in the industry with the storage and operation of the chiller in winter.

   1. If the equipment is shut down for a short time, it is recommended to start the chiller separately and let it run continuously to maintain the normal working water temperature. And always pay attention to the running status of the chiller to prevent power failure.

  2. If the equipment does not work at night, and if it is determined that there will be no power failure, please start the chiller separately, and set the appropriate temperature (for energy saving) to ensure that the cooling water is in a circulating state and the water temperature is not lower than the freezing point.

  3. If the machine is shut down for a long time, be sure to drain the coolant inside the chiller, and drain the coolant inside the water tank, condenser pipe, water pump, filter, and heat exchanger with nitrogen. (If the cooling liquid cannot be discharged due to environmental constraints, please refer to step 2 to ensure that the cooling liquid is in a circulating state and the water temperature is not lower than the freezing point)