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Healthy Environment

Jan 16, 2017

As we all know, central air conditioning automatic fresh air system is generally used to form a semi-closed environment, after long-term use of harmful microorganisms are easy to breed and multiply in the pipe and through the vents into the room space, has the potential to bring the potential microbial infection, especially one called "Legionella" bacteria, which can cause severe pulmonary infection.

This invisible danger now can avoid: Home Central air conditioner indoor unit can add long-lasting filters, and using a special antibacterial material, double security considerations: isolates carrying dust of microbial impurities on the one hand, on the other hand powerful dehumidification is not cool, inhibit the breeding and reproduction of microorganisms, effectively to keep indoor air fresh and clean, the role of creating a healthy home environment. It is reported that the product will soon be issued by a national authority "recommended product of healthy housing" title, central air conditioning and therefore became the health of household central air-conditioning market pioneer.

Second health: temperature control precision air creating an indoor environmental health

Internal health is the Foundation of the product, and creating an environment of comfort and health needs. In recent years due to the popularization of health, in order to prevent the air-sickness, users of indoor air conditioning temperature setting is too low, the air conditioning blowing cold air not, air temperature is generally set at 24 ℃-26 degrees Celsius has become common sense, but really very few products to achieve these effects.

Used has global leading technology of central air conditioning can real-time according to indoor air conditioning load changes, through DC speed compressor of speed no level frequency regulation capacity output, guarantee each room of sent wind parameter always keep in let human comfortable of feel district within, indoor temperature was precise to control in set temperature of plus or minus 0.5 ℃ Zhijian; while, through hidden in ceiling within of indoor machine bottom of three level sent wind, air organization more reasonable, can will comfortable of air uniform distribution to whole room, overall environment comfortable pleasant. Particularly suitable for the elderly, children and other sensitive populations.