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Heat Exchanger Types In Industrial Chiller Industry!

Nov 20, 2017

Heat exchanger types in industrial chiller industry 

For our refrigeration and heating industry, the evaporator and condenser are used in many devices, but to tell you, as the industry continues to evolve, the evaporator and condenser of industrial chillers are constantly changing What are these? Look down together!

First, the evaporative condenser

Unlike the other two products, the evaporative condenser neither belongs to the air-cooled heat exchanger nor the water-cooled heat exchanger. It combines the advantages of air-cooling and water-cooling to form its own powerful cooling efficiency.

Second, shell and tube heat exchanger

As a veteran water-cooled heat exchanger products, shell and tube heat exchanger is mainly used in similar large-scale refrigeration and other equipment. Xiaobian tell you that this is because of this feature, shell and tube heat exchanger in the event of a failure affecting the entire system, will inevitably cause great losses, therefore, shell and tube heat exchanger in the quality requirements are high.

Third, fin heat exchanger

Finned heat exchanger in the refrigeration parts industry, the development of the longest two years, the use of the most extensive range. As the fin heat exchanger in the long-distance transport easily because of external forces caused irreversible damage to the product, so the transport of their products, logistics and other more demanding, in order to reduce costs, fin heat exchanger manufacturers All over the country to facilitate the matching development of the refrigeration industry.

Fourth, tank heat exchanger

Compared with the traditional heat exchanger tank heat exchanger heat transfer efficiency, small size, easy to circulate waterways, waterways at the bottom of the entire waterway, easy to drain, and can effectively reduce the dirt. And Xiaobian tell you that the tank heat exchanger can be used as an evaporator and condenser can also be connected in parallel or in series connection and piping to meet the requirements of large systems.

Five, plate heat exchanger

As the plate heat exchanger is a fluid cooling method, the cooling efficiency is very high, up to 95%, in two industries, the heat transfer efficiency can reach such a high number of products. Plate heat exchanger can be done as an evaporator, condenser can also be done when the condenser of the water quality requirements, because once the scale will clogging the heat exchanger, so when the evaporator once the expansion of the open ice board, Flow of water into the refrigerant, will lead to the destruction of the entire unit, therefore, plate heat exchanger in use to strictly control the water quality, control the evaporator flow and temperature.