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High Pressure Air Compressor Before Start Check

Jan 16, 2017

High pressure air compressors are free State air, compressed, after flowing through the separator and filter in the unit, removed with high pressure water, oils and impurities in the air, exhaust gas cleaning and odorless, gas quality standards, is a safe and reliable source of breathing air and high pressure gas supply system. As such an important device, we must be strict check at startup, check project are as follows:

1. close circuit breaker.

2. the start-up phase, the first paragraph to the second paragraph of 10-12 second delay.

3. If the compressor is not starting, in recognition of all the testing and adjusting are done correctly, by eliminating the alarm button.

4. after a few seconds, the compressor stops, check for the right star-triangle transformations.

5. check oil pressure.

6. check level, secondary pressure gauge.

7. set value air temperature sensor with the transport terminal settings, gradually decrease the preset value and test their performance until they are equal to the actual, after testing, to restore the original state.

8. check operation of exhaust pressure sensor sensitivity is good, losing steam?

9. the detection of circulating water flow detection switch is equal to the actual.

10. detection of inlet flow.

11. test the water temperature.

12. confirm that there is no leakage of high pressure compressor water circulation loop.

These are we starting the high pressure air compressors items must be checked.