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How To Distinguish Between Good And Bad Refrigeration Compressor Units?

Dec 21, 2020

How to distinguish between good and bad refrigeration compressor units?

The refrigeration compressor unit is very important to the constant temperature and humidity box. It is directly related to the use and performance of the equipment, and will directly affect the test results and service life of the test box. How should the quality of the refrigeration compressor unit be distinguished?

  Share identification skills from 3 aspects


  The new constant temperature and humidity box, the appearance of the refrigeration compressor is smooth and new, and the metal color is relatively bright and bright, and the input and output pipe welds are directly welded to the evaporator. If you find any polished marks, it is basically caused by re-welding, and it is probably not a brand new device! Production date: The new constant temperature and humidity box compressors have nameplates, which clearly indicate the number, model, power, and date of manufacture of the equipment compressor, which can be checked in detail one by one!


   When the device is working normally, you can touch the shell with the back of your hand to test. If the shell is not too hot, it is normal. Otherwise, it is abnormal and needs to be checked.


   When a normal compressor starts to run, it should emit a clear, uniform, and smooth running sound, and the sound will gradually decrease as the running time increases and stabilizes. When stopping, the compressor will not make any abnormal sound. If there is noise, please pay attention!