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How Does Scale Foreign Matter In The Chiller Water System Affect The Equipment?

Dec 11, 2019

How does scale foreign matter in the chiller water system affect the equipment?

First of all, scale and foreign matter may widely exist in pipes, condensers, valves, pipe connections, turns, etc., and even in straight pipelines. When scale and foreign matter appear, the flow rate will be reduced in the initial stage. , Cooling efficiency and other problems, when accumulated to a certain degree, it will cause more serious problems.

Secondly, because scale appears to increase with time after the emergence of scale, after a period of time, scale will cause severe blockage of the pipeline and serious decrease in water flow. Under the condition of increased resistance, the cooling effect of cooling water will of course change. Poor, if it accumulates for a long time, the components such as the condenser will completely lose their original functions, and serious problems will eventually occur. In fact, in addition to scale and impurities, other foreign matters will appear in the water pipeline.

Because the water contains various microorganisms, and pure water cannot be used as the cooling water of the water-cooled screw chiller system, the cost will be greatly increased, so the microorganisms in the water cannot be effectively controlled. Later, it will not only form scale and dirt, but also cause corrosive effects on the condenser or pipeline. It will not only reduce the heat transfer effect, reduce the water flow, increase the water flow resistance, but also affect the water quality of the cooling water itself.