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How Many Degrees Most Suitable When Central Air Conditioning Heating?

Dec 27, 2017

How Many Degrees Most Suitable When Central Air Conditioning Heating?

We all understand that the summer air temperature setting is 26 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius, the feeling is the most comfortable; then in winter, the central air conditioning is set to the most appropriate number of degrees, a considerable number of people turn on the central air-conditioning, Directly set their own desired temperature, but do not know the winter air conditioning temperature setting is stress, if blindly the temperature increase, not only the power consumption, but also hurt the human body, and the concept of the original purchase of air-conditioning conflict . So when the central air conditioning in winter to set the number of degrees when the most appropriate it? Central air conditioning Xiaobian from the following directions for you to explain, and draw conclusions.

1, from the health perspective, the use of central air conditioning in winter, pay attention to two details:

First, out of habit, the use of air conditioners will be closed doors and windows, so a long time, it will lead to indoor hypoxia, bacteria, viruses and therefore accumulation, it is proposed that the use of central air conditioning, preferably every 2 hours On the window ventilation;

Second, set the temperature difference with the outdoor can not be too large, it is best to set higher than outdoor 8 ℃. Because indoor and outdoor temperature is too large, people in the case of sudden hot and cold, easy to catch cold; for the elderly or suffering from hypertension, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not be too large, it is due to the indoor temperature is high, the human body Blood vessels will be diastolic, and then walked outdoors to walk through the door ah, the blood vessels will suddenly shrink the cold, causing the elderly or hypertensive patients with cerebral blood circulation disorders, prone to stroke.

2. From the comfort point of view, in the winter indoor, if the room temperature control at 18 ℃ -20 ℃, gives the feeling of the most comfortable. This is because in winter, people dress more, and if the temperature is higher than 20 ° C, people feel hot and uncomfortable. If the central air-conditioning temperature set high above 26 ℃, the temperature is too high, making the indoor air is very dry, resulting in a large loss of water in the body, it makes people uncomfortable.

3. Xi'an central air conditioning experts pointed out that the winter central air conditioning temperature set 2 ℃ lower each time, you can save 10%. Therefore, from the energy-saving point of view, the central air-conditioning set the temperature to ensure the body's heating is necessary, the lower is certainly the better. Give a tip: Heating air flow lighter than air, easy to float in the entire closed room above, if your home is using the wall-mounted, it is best to adjust the tuyere down, this will not only save electricity, but also to People have a more comfortable feeling, the foot easier to meet the warmth.

In summary, the proposed winter use of central air conditioning, the temperature set 20 ℃ is the most suitable. Indoor and outdoor temperature difference will not be too large, so not only conducive to good health, but also to avoid air conditioning overload. Air conditioning just started heating, with a low windshield, about 30 minutes and then adjusted to the wind gear.