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How Often Should An Industrial Chiller Be Maintained?

Apr 06, 2018

How often should an industrial chiller be maintained?

   Many customers purchase industrial chillers that operate 24 hours a day, while some parts of the water have impurities, coupled with the relatively high ambient temperature in summer, it is also the highest failure rate of chillers, and users should be The chiller is cleaned and maintained before the unit uses the peak to achieve the best cooling effect.


    The water-cooled chiller uses auxiliary equipment to cool the water tower and provide cooling circulating water. The function of the cooling tower is to reduce the temperature of the cooling water that is absorbed from the chiller. Therefore, the water tower is easy to grow algae at the bottom, and impurities in the water will enter with the flowing water. The pipe exists in the pipe wall. It is recommended that the user should clean and cool the water tower and cooling water system every three months. Conditional users may also install water filters or water treatment equipment at the water source to ensure clean water.


    Air-cooled chillers use their own fans to dissipate heat. Water quality requirements are not as strict as water-cooled chillers. However, for the sake of safety, water filters or water treatment equipment can also be added. These are mainly selected based on the diameter of the chiller connecting pipe. Fan heat dissipation will collect some impurities. Therefore, fans should be cleaned periodically to keep them clean.


    Whether it is an air-cooled chiller or a water-cooled chiller, the compressors and condensers are used to affect the cooling effect of the unit. In general, the condenser should be cleaned every 6 months, cleaned at least once a year, and listened to and compressed. The sound of the machine running, and regularly check the refrigeration oil and lubricant system, if necessary, should be regularly replaced and added. In addition, check whether the dry filter is normal and there is no clogging. If it is clogged, a new filter must be replaced. Check if the amount of refrigerant is enough. If it is not enough, you need to add it.


    For users with poor water quality and no water treatment, it is recommended to do a comprehensive maintenance before the peak period of the industrial chiller to ensure the cooling effect. The maintenance time is usually six months. If you use pure water, you can maintain it once a year, that is, do a comprehensive maintenance. For users who use a cooling tower, the water system should be cleaned every three or six months.