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How To Deal With Some Problem In Chiller?

May 03, 2017

First, the reason of the chiller could not cool

1, filter blockage, when the filter is blocked, the dust on the condenser will be more and more, over time will affect the cooling effect of refrigeration equipment. Over time, and may even lead to refrigeration equipment can not be cooled.

Solution: regular or irregular cleaning filter.

2, the cooling fluid content is too small, the cooling fluid content is too small will cause the equipment not to suck the oil, the refrigeration effect reduces.

Solution: always check the coolant to see if the coolant level is maintained between the high and low, and when the coolant is too low, add coolant.

3, the lack of freon, in some of the early use of freon as a refrigerant refrigeration equipment, the use of a long time after the Freon will evaporate, thus affecting the cooling effect.

Solution: Freon may have a certain harm to the human body, so you should find a professional maintenance company to add.

4, power supply voltage is low or the power of refrigeration equipment is not enough.

Secondly, how to determine the lack of fluoride chiller?

Mainly for fluorine down, cooling capacity decreased, gas temperature, exhaust temperature, or see the natural evaporation pressure, if not cooling down, while the evaporation pressure is very low, less than 2-3Pa that of natural right, we must wonder whether the leak, but also may be caused by the other reason. There is a long period of time after the start of the boot, evaporation pressure rapidly from the temperature corresponding to the pressure drop to 2-3Pa is wrong.

Thirdly, how to do the operation of cold water cooler? How to solve?

1, check whether the amount of refrigerant in the standard range. Whether too much or too little charge, will affect the normal operation of the chiller.

2, whether it is the use of multiple chillers in parallel? If the unit to open a number of more, then to see whether because of the long time of the frosting unit caused by a long time (combined with the control panel can be set according to the requirements of the chiller water shut down time).

3, if it is a cold water machine, please check the expansion valve opening degree is too big. Can fine tune the dots (if the electronic expansion valve is adjustable circuit control panel).

4, if the opening of the expansion valve is too small, or is blocked, then the liquid supply quantity of refrigerant will be reduced, the evaporation temperature is low, causing frost on the evaporator fins; if the refrigerant evaporation end return pipe and flows back to the compressor to evaporate, it will cause the compressor and the return pipe of frost.

5, check whether the filter is too dirty, or the evaporator fins too dirty so that the heat transfer effect is poor, the refrigerant evaporated flow back to the back of the tube and the compressor continues to evaporate resulting in frost.

6, if the operating environment of the cold water is not good, or the air is not circulating, the same will lead to poor cooling effect on the unit frosting.

If the cold water machine appear frost fault, enterprises must timely use professional methods to complete fault processing, to ensure the safe and stable operation of cold water machine, and various parts of regular inspection of the chiller is worn or damaged should be replaced. In addition, enterprises to buy cold water machine, should be based on the production needs of a reasonable match with the cold water machine, in order to better use the cold water machine, reduce the cost of enterprise use.


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