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How To Deal With The Cold Water Does Not Circulate Inside The Chiller?

Mar 02, 2018

How to deal with the cold water does not circulate inside the chiller?

Industrial water chiller already contains a cold water circulation pump inside, chiller (large) does not contain a cold water circulation pump inside, when the assembly of cold water system, the external access to the cold water circulation pump, so that the cold water absorbed in the cooling equipment is the heat After returning to the chiller cooling down, even if the cold water supply pipe to form a circulation system.

It should be noted that, whether the cold water pump is built-in or external, it is recommended that the position of the cold water pump be lower than the water level of the cold water tank (pool). In this way, the circulating water pump can take in cold water well, but in some cases, the cold water storage tank may be higher than the water level of the water storage tank due to the need or restriction of installation environment, Cold water system often appear in the operation will not be able to absorb the case of water, so that the chiller lack of cold water flow failure, chiller manufacturers in the chiller control panel on the fault display for reasons, then the solution steps are:

1, with hose from the cold water tank (pool) back to the cold water circulating pump on the big tube on the reservoirs of irrigation water pipe into the (open its small valve), and use the wrench to unscrew the cold water circulating pump exhaust plug If there is water after tightening), until back to the cold water tank (pool) of the large pipe back to the water, and remove the hose to see whether the bubble pops out, if so, please continue to irrigation until no bubbles and then Close the small valve

2, then open the chiller 1 to 3 minutes, if there is a large amount of water back to the big pool, there is no problem;

3, if the water is not enough reflux or no back, then repeat the action of irrigation.