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How To Deal With Vibration And High Noise Of Compressor?

Aug 30, 2017

Compressor vibration, high noise, how to do?

Compressor is the core components of the chiller, therer are scroll compressor and screw compressor, so many people also known as the scroll chiller or screw chiller. If the chiller in the process of running with a large vibration, what is the reason for high noise? Is there any way to exclude?

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Reason one

Is it because the liquid refrigerant goes into the compressor?

Need to do two points: first check the opening of the expansion valve whether is too large, if necessary, should adjust; second check the refrigerant wehther is too much, if more than the limit should be removed.

Reason two

Is it because of lack of oil or overload?

You should check the compressor oil surface, if the oil shortage situation, should immediately add the compressor oil (please add the same brand of compressor oil); and check the compressor load.

Reason three

Is the suction, exhaust valve damaged?

If the suction, exhaust valve damage, is bound to affect the chiller operation. If the inspection found that suction, exhaust valve damage, please replace the new suction, exhaust valve.

Reason four

Is it because the chiller is installed when the fixed foot screw is loose?

The chiller should be installed on the ground or foundation, if the unit running time is too long, loose feet will cause vibration, so as long as the foot screw fastening or replace the foot screw can be.

Reason five

Is there any damage inside the compressor or the gap is not proper? shock absorber position improper?

After closing the chiller, check and adjust the valve clearance, replace the damaged parts, check the adjustment shock absorber. If the damage is serious, please contact the manufacturer of the chiller.

Reason six

Is the connection pipe, auxiliary equipment fixed bad?

Chiller, auxiliary equipment, main equipment to be used between the pipeline connection, if the pipeline is not fixed, chiller running, it is bound to have vibration, therefore, must be fixed to connect the pipeline and equipment, if necessary, please install shock absorber.