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How To Do The Industrial Chiller Is Alarming When Turned On?

Apr 28, 2020

How to do the industrial chiller is alarming when turned on?

Analysis of the cause of high voltage alarm:

     The problem is very easy to solve if the cooling water is not turned on, but it is a frequent mistake. Solution: Please open the water valve.

     The cooling water flow rate is too small or the temperature is too high. Solution: increase the flow of cooling water or reduce the temperature of the water (cooling water is allowed from 21 degrees to 38 degrees).

     The condenser copper tube has much fouling, small diameter and poor heat dissipation. Solution: clean the condenser copper tube.

     Too much refrigerant. Solution: appropriately reduce the opening degree of the expansion valve, press the compressor thermal relay protection switch (RESTET), and find out the reason.

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Analysis of the cause of low pressure alarm:

     Insufficient refrigerant. Solution: Pick up the leak, is there any leak point in the pipe joint? Replenish the refrigerant after repairing.

     The filter is clogged. Solution: Remove and wash or replace the filter.

     The expansion valve opening is too small. Solution: Properly reduce the opening degree of the expansion valve, and the high and low pressure protection will automatically reset after elimination.