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How To Exhaust Air In Industrial Chillers?

May 05, 2017

Industrial chiller in daily operation, prone to air into the refrigeration system, not due to the low temperature refrigeration system in the air is condensed with liquid, it will affect the heat dissipation of the condenser, resulting in condensing pressure, caused by industrial chiller is unable to carry out normal operation. Therefore, it is necessary to exhaust the air in the industrial water cooler in order to maintain the normal operation of the industrial chiller.

First, freon system of industrial water cooling operation steps:

1. Close the liquid outlet valve or condenser outlet valve;

2, start the compressor, the low pressure section of refrigerant income condenser or reservoir;

3, when the low pressure system pressure to a stable vacuum after the shutdown;

The bypass hole plug

4, unscrew the exhaust valve, clockwise half circle around the exhaust valve of the valve into the three passage. Let the high-pressure gas from the bypass hole to escape. With the palm of the hand in the exhaust stream, when the hand feels cold and hand oil, indicating the air has been basically drained should tighten the drain plug, counter rotating exhaust valve, turn off the bypass hole.

5, the need to pay attention to each time should not be too long, can be carried out 2 to 3 times, so as not to waste refrigerant. If the top of the condenser or reservoir is equipped with an emergency stop valve, the air can be directly discharged from the valve.

Two, ammonia refrigeration system of industrial water cooling operation steps:

1, when the air separator with air, the air separator back to the gas valve is normally open state so that the pressure of the air separator to suction pressure, the other valves should be closed.

2, the appropriate opening of the mixed gas inlet valve, so that the cold water cooling system in the mixed gas into the air separator.

3, micro liquid supply valve, the liquid ammonia in the air throttle separator endothermic gasification, mixed gas cooling.

4, the connection of the air valve to open the interface with a rubber hose so that one end into the water container. When the ammonia in the mixed gas is cooled into ammonia liquid, the bottom of the air separator will be frosted. If the bubble in the water in the process of increasing the size of the round does not change, the water does not muddy water temperature is not rising is the release of air, the air valve should be opened at this time appropriate.

5, the ammonia in the mixed gas is condensed into ammonia liquid and accumulated at the bottom. The liquid level can be seen from the frosting condition of the shell, when the liquid level reaches 12, the liquid supply throttle valve is turned off, and the liquid return throttle valve is opened. Return the bottom ammonia to the air separator to cool the mixture. To the bottom of the frost layer is about to melt, turn off the liquid to open the throttle valve.

6, stop the air should be put off the air valve in order to prevent ammonia leakage, and then turn off the throttle valve and mixed gas inlet valve. In order to prevent the pressure in the air supply, the return valve should not be closed.

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