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How To Fill The Oil For Reciprocating Compressor?

Jul 10, 2017

After the chiller and its compressors are used for a period of time, the added frozen oil will cause natural loss during the operation of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to maintain the lubrication and the effect of cooling. So for the reciprocating compressor, how to fill the oil?

1, When filling,it should use compressor's own vacuum suction way to add.

2, if there is no exhaust valve in compressor,when filling, it should be in its process welding of a pipe with a valve core of the pipe joints, and then connect the oil drums or the oil cups through the hose on the repair valvethe, and keep air in the pipe is removed. As the compressor for the oil model and the use of the provisions, so in advance to draw a tick on the barrel surface line.

3, then start the compressor, and open the repair valve so that the frozen oil is sucked into the compressor.

4, if the compressor is not connected to the pipeline in the refrigeration system, then start the compressor when you need to use your fingers to block the low pressure suction nozzle before the oil can be inhaled.

5, pay attention to the entire process of refueling to ensure that the tubing of the mouth can not reveal the oil surface, so as not to inhale the air into the equipment, while paying attention to control the fuel dose.

6, if the process of filling the frozen oil, the compressor encountered high pressure exhaust nozzle spray mist oil situation, it is necessary to use a hose before the oil will be high pressure exhaust pipe nozzle sets, at the same time Prepare a clean container, the fuel injection situation as long as the high pressure exhaust pipe hose can be inserted into the oil container.

The six aspects described above are the correct way to flush frozen oil for compressors in refrigeration equipment. When adding frozen oil, be sure to pay attention not to let the air into the equipment, but also pay attention to water can not be with the oil into the equipment, otherwise it will lead to acidification of frozen oil, will seriously affect the refrigeration equipment and compressors Normal use.