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How To Insulate The Industrial Chiller Water Refrigerant Pipeline?

Apr 06, 2018

How to Insulate the Industrial Chiller Water Refrigerant Pipeline?

In order to reduce the cold loss of refrigeration systems of industrial chillers, corresponding insulation measures are generally taken. The quality of the insulation structure directly affects the insulation effect. In order to ensure the insulation effect, the insulation material is generally wrapped on the outside of pipelines and equipment. At the exterior moisture-proof layer of the insulation layer, commonly used moisture-proof materials include asphalt linoleum, plastic film, aluminum foil, etc. In addition, cold bridges should be prevented when installing insulation.


1, for the purpose of insulation of various industrial chillers


The purpose of laying insulation layers on the surface of industrial chiller cooling pipelines and their accessories is to reduce the loss of (cold) medium during transport and to maintain certain parameters of the cold (heat) medium to meet the requirements of use.


2, the industry special chillers need insulation parts


Under normal circumstances, the parts to be insulated include suction pipes for refrigeration compressors, supply pipes for expansion valves, evaporators for indirect cooling, and chilled water pipes and water tanks.


3. Selection of insulation materials for cooling pipes of chillers


The insulation material used in the chiller refrigeration system should have low thermal conductivity, low hygroscopicity, low density, good frost resistance, and be safe to use, inexpensive and easy to purchase, and easy to process. The current insulation materials commonly used in chiller refrigeration systems are glass wool, cork, aluminum silicate, polystyrene foam, polyurethane, foam plastic, expanded perlite, rock wool, microporous calcium silicate, and aluminum silicate fiber products. Asbestos foam, etc., these insulation materials are generally processed first, so that the construction is convenient and the effect is good.