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Industrial Chiller Airtight Test Is Very Important

Mar 31, 2018

Industrial chiller airtight test is very important

The air-tightness test of the refrigeration system of an industrial chiller is used to check if there is a leak in the system, also known as pressure leak testing. The refrigerant in the refrigeration system has a strong permeability. If the system is not tight, it will cause the refrigerant to leak.


If the refrigerant leaks, on the one hand, it will affect the normal operation of the chiller refrigeration system. On the other hand, some refrigerants have certain toxicity to the human body and pollute the atmosphere. Therefore, after the system is blown, the chiller system is to be gasified. The tightness test aims at checking the installation quality of the system and checking whether the sealing performance of the system under pressure is good.


The test time of the chiller airtightness test requires that the pressure be maintained for 24 hours, and within the first 6 hours, the pressure within the system is allowed to drop because the temperature of the gas in the system decreases. The general pressure drop should not exceed 0.03 MPa, after 18 hours, no change in pressure is qualified (remove the pressure difference caused by changes in ambient temperature, if there is a change in ambient temperature, the pressure drop caused by the formula can still be calculated). If the pressure difference at the end of the test is greater than the pressure calculated by the formula, it indicates that the cooling system of the industrial chiller is not tight, and a thorough inspection should be carried out to find out the missing points to be repaired and to re-test until they are qualified.