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Industrial Chiller Circulating Water Temp Raise Fast Solution

Nov 18, 2019

Industrial chiller circulating water temp raise fast solution

In the process of using small industrial chillers, it is inevitable that circulating water will heat up quickly. So what is the reason for the rapid cooling of the circulating water in a small industrial chiller? How to solve it?

Possible reasons for the rapid rise of circulating water in small industrial chillers:

1. The working environment temperature of small industrial chiller exceeds 40 °C.

2. The dust net is clogged or the machine is not ventilated.

3. The external thermal load of the small industrial chiller exceeds the standard.

4. The working voltage of small industrial chillers is low.

Small industrial chiller circulating water heating solution:

1. Improve ventilation and ensure that the operating environment of small industrial chillers is below 40 degrees.

2. Regularly clean the dust net and the dust of the aluminum fins of the condenser in the small industrial chiller, and place the small industrial chiller in a ventilated position.

3. Reduce the heat load of small industrial chillers, or choose a model with a larger cooling capacity.

4. Improve the power supply line or use a small industrial chiller regulator.