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Industrial Chiller Condenser Function And How To Choose?

Apr 17, 2018

Industrial chiller condenser function and how to choose?

Industrial chillers evaporators, condensers are very important equipment. The condenser is divided into an air-cooled fin condenser and a water-cooled condenser. Condenser heat transfer area is another important part of the design selection. The design should fully consider the current low level of maintenance and management awareness of the user in use. The appropriate choice of a larger condensing area is more economical and practical, the unit cooling efficiency Also higher.


1. Air-cooled fin condensers (for air-cooled chillers), due to poor air heat transfer, the condensing temperature is relatively high, so that the condensing pressure is increased, the chiller efficiency is reduced, and the energy consumption is increased. Therefore, it is more suitable for areas with not too high outdoor temperature in summer, or refrigerants with lower condensing pressure. Its greatest advantage is that it does not require cooling water and is easy to use. Particularly suitable for use in water-scarce areas or areas where water supply is difficult.


2. Natural water temperature is generally low, and water heat transfer performance is excellent, so the condensation temperature of the water-cooled condenser is relatively low (for water-cooled chillers), which is more favorable for the compressor's cooling capacity and operating economy, currently In the industrial refrigeration system has been widely used, in order to save water resources, the cooling tower device is generally used to make the condenser water cooling and cooling, repeated cooling water condenser.