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Industrial Chiller Refrigeration System Valve Installation Steps And Precautions

Mar 12, 2018

Industrial chiller refrigeration system valve installation steps and precautions

In the cooling system of an industrial chiller, the main role of the valve is to control the flow and direction of the refrigerant. In daily use, it is also necessary to frequently use the valve. When the industrial chiller requires shutdown or is turned on, Need to use the valve. Because of its high frequency of daily use, it requires more attention during installation to ensure its normal use, without affecting the stable use of industrial chillers. The following Xiao Bian will take you to understand the installation steps and precautions of the valve in the industrial chiller refrigeration system.

1, the valve should be installed in a place easy to disassemble and maintain, all kinds of valve installation must pay attention to the flow of refrigerant, can not be installed against.

2. When installing flanged valves for industrial chillers, flanges and flanges of valves must be made of high-pressure asbestos plates. The thickness of high-pressure asbestos plates is determined by the depth of the flange grooves on the valves. When the valve is large and the groove is deep, a thicker asbestos plate is used to prevent the concave and convex interfaces between them from being easily gapped and not sealing tightly. When assembling flanged valves, be sure that all bolts are subjected to uniform forces. Otherwise, the concave and convex interfaces are easily deflected.

3, install the cut-off valve, should make the working fluid flow from the bottom of the valve to the upper part. When installing on a horizontal line, the stem should be either vertically upward or inclined at an angle to prevent the stem from facing downwards. If the valve position is difficult to reach or the position is high, the stem can be installed horizontally for ease of operation.

4. When installing the check valve for the industrial chiller, it is necessary to ensure that the valve core can be automatically opened. For lift check valves, the spool centerline should be perpendicular to the horizontal plane. For the swing check valve, the rotation of the valve plate should be guaranteed, and the valve plate must be installed horizontally.

5. The safety valve shall be installed directly on the stop valve at the outlet of the device. The arrow on the valve body shall be consistent with the flow direction of the working fluid.

6. The solenoid valve must be installed horizontally at the exit of the equipment. It must be installed according to the position specified in the drawings. If the solenoid valve is installed before the throttle valve, the distance between them should be at least 300mm.

7, thermal expansion valve in industrial chillers must also be installed horizontally, pay attention to the valve inlet and outlet connections, usually at the inlet end of the filter screen. If the thermal expansion valve is well controlled, the position of the temperature sensing package is very important. The temperature-sensing bag should be firmly fixed on the clean suction pipe so that the temperature-sensing bag has good contact with the suction pipe line. The external balance tube of the external balance thermal expansion valve shall be installed at the lower part of the return air tube temperature sensing band binding place, and the distance from the temperature sensing bundle binding place shall be 150-200mm. The temperature sensing package shall be tied on the horizontal pipe section and the external balance pipe shall be The top of the trachea horizontal pipe section is taken out.