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Industrial Chiller System Compressor How To Stop

Apr 24, 2018

Industrial chiller system compressor how to stop

Under normal circumstances, we stop the compressor operation of the industrial chiller and follow the correct shutdown procedure. However, there is no guarantee that no accidents will occur during the operation of the chiller. Therefore, the industrial cold water shared by the low-temperature chiller manufacturer Gemis today. The machine refrigeration compressor shutdown operation is mainly considered from two parts: the normal shutdown of the refrigeration compressor and the emergency shutdown of the refrigeration compressor.


First. Industrial Chiller Refrigeration Compressor Normal Shutdown

    1. Turn off the liquid supply valve and stop valve of the throttle valve or evaporator 10~30min before shutdown to reduce the evaporation pressure properly. For a small chiller refrigeration system, all the liquid in the evaporator should be drawn back to the condenser.

    2. Close the suction valve of the compressor to reduce the pressure in the crankcase to 0.03~0.05MPa.

    3, cut off the power, quickly close the exhaust valve.

    4. Move the energy adjustment handle to the minimum capacity.

    5. After the compressor is stopped for 10~30min, the system cooling water pump or condenser fan is running, and then the evaporator load is turned off.


Second, industrial chiller refrigeration compressor emergency shutdown

    Emergency stop refers to the emergency measures taken by the chiller in the event of an emergency. Since the circumstances of the accident and the extent of the damage are unreasonable, operators should take effective measures quickly and calmly. Beware of accidents spreading and expanding. Under normal circumstances, emergency shutdown has the following situations:

    1. Sudden power failure shutdown: Immediately close the liquid supply valve.

    2. Sudden stop of water shutdown: Immediately cut off the power supply, and then close the supply valve and compressor suction and exhaust valve.

    3, in case of fire alarm shutdown: Immediately power off, open the emergency ammonia valve, reservoir and evaporator drain valve.

    4, chiller failure shutdown: partial failure can close the corresponding valve, serious failure immediately cut off the power.

    5, compressor failure shutdown.