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Industrial Water Chiller Maintenance

May 09, 2017

Industrial equipment and human body need to maintain, in order to maintain a healthy and even better function state. How to maintain the stability of the equipment and extend the life of the equipment? 

1, air cooling type cold water to ensure good heat dissipation effect, it is necessary to keep the cooling coil surface clean, to ensure that the air circulation around the machine, low temperature, and regularly clean the radiator coil.

2, air-cooled chiller, should be checked after the start of the fan is correct, if turned to normal, it can be used normally, if the inversion, then the power wiring reversed, you must change the phase sequence and then start.

3, water-cooled chillers to keep the cooling tower clean, keep the air circulation around the tower and low temperature, avoid debris into the cooling tower to reduce the heat efficiency.

4, if the chiller has been used for half a year, dehumidifier or high / low pressure switch often fails, or cooling capacity, it should be arranged for staff to clean the condenser.

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