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Is The Refrigerant Added By Gas Or Liquid?

Mar 23, 2020

Is the refrigerant gas or liquid?

Regarding the refrigerant charge, whether it is in a gaseous state or in a liquid state, many people must already know that, often people see that when the refrigerant is charged, is it a gaseous state or a liquid? Here is a summary, convenient Everyone for reference.

1, three concepts

Single working refrigerant, non-azeotropic mixed refrigerant and azeotropic refrigerant. Single working refrigerant: refrigerant has only one working medium; non-azeotropic refrigerant: two or more different refrigerants are mixed at a certain ratio. In the saturated state, the composition of the gas-liquid two phases is different; azeotropic refrigerant: An azeotropic mixture of two or more different refrigerants mixed at a certain ratio. It can maintain a certain evaporation temperature under pressure, and its gas-liquid two-phase always maintains the same composition ratio.

2, liquid or gaseous?

1) Regardless of whether the refrigerant is in a gaseous or liquid state, the composition inside will not change, so the gaseous state can be filled when the refrigerant is charged.

2), although the composition of azeotropic refrigerants are different, but because of the same boiling point, the two components of gas and liquid are also the same, so they can be filled in a gaseous state;

3) Non-azeotropic refrigerants have different boiling points, so liquid refrigerants and gaseous refrigerants actually have different compositions. At this time, if the gaseous state is added, the composition of the added refrigerant will inevitably be different. A gaseous refrigerant can only be added in liquid state.

3, why not add liquid

Many people see this, and murmur in their hearts, since it is so difficult to distinguish, I have to add liquid to any refrigerant, to ensure that the ingredients are not the same? Wrong, big mistake; we all know that, generally, the refrigerant charge is the last It is necessary to add the equipment after opening it, and add it from the suction port of the compressor; if liquid refrigerant is added, it is equivalent to the liquid refrigerant entering the suction port of the compressor, which will obviously cause the liquid strike of the compressor; damage compressor.

4, summarize the common refrigerant liquid or gaseous

I have said so much, many friends can't stand it. Here is a summary of whether the common refrigerant is liquid or gaseous, for your reference when repairing.

1) add gas refrigerant: R13, R134a, R22, R23, R290, R32, R500, R600a

2) add liquid refrigerant: R401A, R410A, R410B, R407C, R404A;

A word to tell you the secret: As long as the refrigerants starting with R4 * are in liquid state, the rest are in gaseous state.