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Low Temperature Chiller Cooling System Troubleshooting Tips

Jul 05, 2017

Regular low-temperature chiller to do maintenance work, while low-temperature chiller cooling system troubleshooting is also very important. The following brief description of some low-temperature chiller cooling system failure tips for your reference!

1, the pressure double high to exhaust, cooling may be a problem.

When the detection of high and low voltage system is higher than normal when the general system is the air or refrigerant to join the excess, this time need to re-vacuum, then add the right amount of refrigerant can solve the problem. But there is a situation, that is, poor heat dissipation, especially when the ambient temperature is relatively high, often lead to more heat worse, the cause of this failure is generally heat block, dirty, cooling fan speed is not enough and so on.

2, the pressure of double low loss of refrigerant, otherwise the system was gambling closed.

When the high and low pressure are low, there are two possible: [low temperature freezer]

a. the system is blocked, the plug will produce throttle, throttle parts will be a significant temperature difference, feel the hand can find the problem.

b. refrigerant leakage, resulting in insufficient refrigerant, this situation is more common, then you must use low-temperature chiller detector to identify the leaked parts, for repair.

3, low pressure high pressure low, replace the compressor.

When the low-temperature chiller pressure gauge to detect the low-temperature chiller system, the low pressure is higher than normal, and the high pressure is lower than normal, this time the cold water machine cooling can not achieve the effect of normal low temperature chiller. The reason is likely to be low temperature chiller pump wear, resulting in power drop. This time often need to replace the compressor to solve the problem.

4, table shake system with water vapor, evacuation must be more thorough.

When the low-temperature chiller system work, if the pressure gauge needle kept shaking, indicating that the system has moisture. To solve this problem generally need to re-vacuum, pumping time must be no less than 15 minutes, if necessary, need to replace the drying bottle to completely drain the system of water.