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Low Temperature Chiller Refrigeration System Error Indication

Jun 04, 2019

Low Temperature Chiller Refrigeration System Error Indication

Regular maintenance of the cryogenic chiller is also important, and the cooling system of the cryogenic chiller is also important. The following is a brief introduction to some low temperature chiller refrigeration system fault tips for your reference!

1. The pressure should be high and the exhaust should be exhausted. There may be a heat issue.

When it is detected that the system high and low pressure are higher than normal, the system usually has too much air or refrigerant added. At this time, it is necessary to re-vacuate and then add an appropriate amount of refrigerant to solve the problem. However, there are also cases of poor heat dissipation, especially when the ambient temperature is high, the heat dissipation is often poor. The cause of the failure is generally that the radiator is clogged, dirt and dirt, and the cooling fan is not rotating enough.

2. The pressure is doubled and the refrigerant is lost, otherwise the system is shut down.

When both high pressure and low pressure are low, there are two possibilities:

1. When the system is blocked, the blocked part will generate throttling, and the throttling part will have obvious temperature difference, and the problem can be found manually.

2. The refrigerant leaks, resulting in insufficient refrigerant. This situation is more common. At this point, the low temperature chiller detector must be used to locate and repair the leaked parts.

3. low pressure, high pressure, low pressure, replace the compressor.

When using a low temperature chiller pressure gauge to detect that the low pressure of the low temperature chiller system is higher than normal and the high pressure is lower than normal, the chiller cooling will never reach the effect of the normal low temperature chiller. The reason is likely that the low temperature chiller pump is worn, resulting in a drop in power. At this time, it is often necessary to replace the compressor to solve this problem.

4. When the shaking table system has water vapor, it must be evacuated more thoroughly.

When the cryogenic refrigeration system is working, if the meter pointer is constantly shaking, the system will have moisture. In order to solve this problem, it is usually necessary to re-vacuate. Pumping time must not be less than 15 minutes. If necessary, the dry bottle needs to be replaced to completely drain the water from the system.