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Maintenance Of Common Sense

Jan 16, 2017

Air cooled chiller manufacturers introduced professional, chiller equipment maintenance is very important in its everyday use. Chiller equipment for all kinds of body, generally made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (F.R.P), surface without paint, clean, with SOAP and water wash and then washed with water to keep the surface smooth and beautiful.

As for cold water machine water pan, air-cooled chiller manufacturers and technicians believe that chiller equipment when water pan if there is dirt or algae, please rinse and drain and outlet of the filtered water network also must be kept clean. Chiller cooling materials water can keep it clean, heat sink materials that do not require special maintenance. Also, note also that water cooler fan blades is cracked or damaged, blade tip wind trunks with the body wall should be kept at arm's length.

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