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New Product!! Customized Heating And Cooling Circulation Chiller Working Separately

Mar 03, 2017

According to the requirements of the thermal cycling test, thermal cycling temperature control machine containing high temperature medium tank and heating system, the temperature range of 10C to 90C, low temperature medium tank and cooling system, temperature range of room temperature to minus 40C, 2C temperature control precision, temperature rising time less than 90 minutes, the medium tank design is 350L, pressure 0.6Mpa, reserved for external import medium valve port, the high temperature part of heat or water basin design, prevent condensed water leakage

1. heating capacity: 21.6kw

2. temp control: 40-90Dec

3. tank volume: 350L

4. temp display accuracy: 0.1Dec

5. temp control accuracy: +-2Dec

6. designn pressure: 0.6mpa

7. power power: 0.37kw

8. cooling capacity: 13.9kw(-20~ -40Dec), 18.6(40~-20Dec)

9. temp control: -40~ 40Dec

10. pump power:1.5kw






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