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Oil Chiller Introduction

Mar 22, 2021

Oil Chiller Introduction

Oil chillers are chillers produced in hydraulic presses, hydraulic stations, forging presses, numerical control machines, precision grinders, machining centers and various high-speed mechanical constant temperature cooling designs. The oil cooler mainly includes a cooling area for circulating lubricating oil, where the mechanical equipment works in a high temperature environment or continues to work without stopping the machine. It is mainly used in the lubricating oil cooling system of large mechanical equipment with circulating lubricating oil system working at high temperature or continuously working, and it is also suitable for liquid cooling under other conditions. How much do you know about the functional characteristics of oil coolers and other related knowledge? Next, let me give you a detailed introduction!

A. Functional characteristics of oil cooler:

1. Contains an automatic fault alarm function, which can promptly notify the user to repair the equipment in a specific way to prevent damage to machine parts.

2. The oil temperature control is based on the gas temperature (room temperature). The user can set the oil temperature according to the gas temperature to prevent thermal deformation of the mechanical structure.

3. Prevent the change of oil temperature from affecting the accuracy of operating the machine.

4. Prevent oil deterioration at high temperature and heat, keep oil viscosity unchanged, and make working machines run stably.

5. The immersion liquid cooling temperature adjustment device is free from impurity pollution, metal powder cutting and other interference, simple to clean and easy to manage. The installation is simple and does not take up space.

6. Imported digital controller with high precision and wide application range.

7. The main engine uses famous brand compressors imported from Europe, America and Japan, which is stable, efficient and low noise.

8. Through a complete electrical protection system, phase junction, phase error protection, current overload protection, high and low voltage protection, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

9. Imported high-quality oil pump, with high pressure, high stability and long duration.

10. The water-cooler condenser uses a sleeve or shell tube with a threaded tube inside, which has a reasonable design and good heat exchange effect. The cooling device of the air-cooled machine is composed of pins and aligned brass. The secondary flap machine rising tube process and the advanced heat exchanger production line are used to ensure the quality and efficiency.

B. Purpose of oil chiller:

        The oil cooler series can provide 10-30C (the temperature difference does not exceed 1C). This equipment distinguishes air-cooled and water-cooled in structure. The cooling capacity is widely used in 1316-156249Kcal/h (0.5-60HP).

        The above is the explanation about the functional characteristics of the oil cooler and other related knowledge. In addition, the oil cooler is a precision chiller controlled by a PID system, which realizes an imported temperature regulator (temperature difference of 1C), an imported high temperature pump, high pressure, large flow, Best exchange efficiency. Choose high-efficiency electric heating tube, long service life, the main control electrical and operating parts in the machine are imported famous brands, replace the medium valve, easy to use, sturdy, and protect the rod. If you want to know more about the relevant knowledge of oil coolers, you can follow us!