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Operation And Maintenance Of Oil Cooler

Jan 16, 2017

Before starting check the attachments and log off the table and view the connection will close. Unscrew the plug off in the oil cooler oil mouth (user self-) and then slowly open the inlet valve (the drain valve is closed). When the oil overflow, close the inlet valve, screw on plug.

Unscrew cooler exhaust valve in the pipe, and then slowly open the inlet valve (the drain valve is closed). When after water filled, close the inlet valves and exhaust valves, water and oil into a resting State, heat exchange, temperature gradually decreases.

When the water temperature 5-10 ℃, open cooling water and oil drain valve, then open the cooling water and oil into the valve, cooling water and oil is active. Then adjust the cooling water and traffic, keeps the oil temperature in normal working conditions.

Cooler due to faults or correctly abort work, steps to close the oil and cooling water valve, then close the oil and cooling water discharge valve, then unscrew the drain, drain plug on an interface, waiting to do deposit the water oil cooler.

Matters needing attention

(1) while working in a startup oil cooler, do not quickly open the inlet valve, because cooling when large amounts of flow through the cooler, cooling pipes constitute a layer of thermal conductivity is poor-looking "cooling off", even after large amount, less than optimal cooling effect.

(2) if the water side attack, electro-chemical corrosion, to the specified location in the water inlet cover (reserved hole) Rover anti-electrification of the zinc bar.

(3) cooling water purification is usually used in freshwater, the use of river water intakes should be equipped when water filter.

(4) for the progress of heat exchange performance, avoid, and cooling water temperature as low as possible, the water flow is bigger.

(5) the cooling oil pressure should be greater than the pressure at the water side.

(6) in the cold season, and the cooler is not working condition, water must be made to avoid Frost crack.

Cleaning solution:

Oil cooler work for a long time, the wall looks progressive scale, heat exchange performance landing, making it impossible to guarantee the cooling request must disable cleaning. Cleaning cycles depending on the water quality, and General every 5-10 to an internal inspection and cleaning should be discontinued, the approach is as follows:

1, water-side cleaning: high-speed wash in clean water with a hose the front cover, back cover and cooling the tube looks on the inside wall, and cleaning agents to stop washing, dry it after washing with tight air.

2, oil side cleaning:

(1) polyvinyl chloride solution to stop flushing, cleaning liquid in the cooling cycle activities, solution pressure is not greater than 0.6Mpa, solution flow better and cooler oil flow in opposite directions, cleaning time depending on the dirt, and then water poured into the oil cooler cleaning, until the flow of water to clean so far.

(2) the soaking solution into the cooler, 15-20 minutes to see color, opacity, and was replaced by a new solution, soaking again, until the clean up, then rinse with clean water. (If they are carbon tetrachloride when cleaning should be stopped in a good ventilation environment, so as to avoid poisoning)

(3) after cleaning stop hydraulic experiments, experimental alternative 0.7Mpa air pressure can also be used, and put it to use on your system.